For the first time ever, we’re taking our show on the road. The Think Factory Podcast will be recording live at the Printing United Expo!

Coming to Printing United Expo 2023 in Atlanta???? Schedule a time now to be featured on The Think Factory Podcast LIVE on the expo floor. 

Download PDF While the commercial printing industry continues its consolidation, Phoenix Group stands out as a serious player with a wide array of printing, mailing and fulfillment services without undergoing traditional consolidation. In a recent interview with Christopher Santomassimo of OGC Solutions®, Dean Baker, Phoenix Group’s […]
Download PDF If you’re a buyer of print products, especially top-quality signs and displays for everything from point-of purchase displays to movie and TV sets, you likely know Eric Berger and Color Reflections. Color Reflections has ridden the wave of wide-format printing technology since its inception […]
In today’s competitive marketplace, companies are increasingly seeking innovative ways to connect with consumers and build enduring relationships. A notable strategy gaining momentum in the printing and packaging industry is personalized packaging. This trend represents a fundamental shift in how brands engage with customers, offering the […]
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