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Casey Hendrick, a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in the direct mail and marketing industry, currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of United Direct Solutions. In his role, Casey oversees the company’s operations and strategy, playing a crucial part in delivering top-notch solutions to clients across diverse industries. With a track record of success, he has demonstrated proficiency in process improvement, customer relationship management, and new business development. Throughout his career, Casey has led the implementation of direct mail programs, cultivated strategic relationships with key vendors, and effectively managed annual budgets. His leadership extends beyond operational excellence, encompassing the development and growth of management teams and the recruitment and training of staff.

Casey’s commitment to fostering a high-performance culture at United Direct Solutions is evident in his role as COO, where he emphasizes innovation, collaboration, and efficiency. His impressive career journey includes serving as President at a company in Louisville, Kentucky, and as Chief Operating Officer at SourceLink in Dayton, Ohio. Casey’s mantra of finding happiness and growth in the climb up the mountain reflects not only his professional philosophy but also the resilience and dedication he brings to his role as a dynamic leader in the direct mail and marketing industry.

United Direct Solutions stands as a pioneering force in the direct mail and marketing industry, delivering unparalleled value to clients through a commitment to innovation, consistency, and excellence. Since its inception, the company has evolved alongside technological advancements, expanding its suite of services from traditional mailings to cutting-edge digital solutions. United Direct Solutions is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art communications to clients and their customers across the United States, exemplified by its HITRUST CSF, SOC 2 Type 2, and ISO 9001:2015 certifications, ensuring the secure handling of sensitive data and materials in compliance with industry standards.

Recognized as one of the top 200 printers in North America by Printing Impressions, United Direct Solutions has consistently demonstrated its industry leadership. The company’s success stories reflect its continuous efforts to upgrade services and embrace the latest platforms and technologies. With a rich history dating back to 1980, United Direct Solutions has transformed its offerings from direct mail services to a comprehensive range including digital marketing, billing, and data and document security. Serving a diverse clientele, from small-to-medium businesses to Fortune 500 companies, United Direct Solutions has established its presence with locations in Louisville, KY, and Cincinnati, OH, positioning itself as a reliable partner for effective audience connection and engagement.

Chris Santomassimo: I’m your host, Chris Santomassimo from OGC Solutions. You can find us at and you can also find the podcast that at the think as well as Spotify, Apple and Google Podcast. And I’m really excited today to talk with the new friend Casey Hendrick. Casey is the COO or the Chief Operating Officer, United Direct Solutions. So welcome to the podcast Casey.

Casey Hendrick: Thanks for having me on, Chris.

Chris Santomassimo: Oh, great. And so you know what?

Casey Hendrick: What?

Chris Santomassimo: What we’ve done a lot of lately is to really spotlight companies in the printing and packaging industries, and that’s one of my first loves, of course. But you know, you were one of the really interesting folks. We were able to meet recently at a trade show and I wanted to really share the story about United Direct and some of the really interesting things you’re doing for your customers, particularly how you’re furthering their marketing efforts. Because in this competitive economy, we’re always looking for that special edge that’s gonna bring us some more return on investment and help us get brands and in front of new customers. So love to hear more about what United Direct is doing and let’s not forget to talk about your recent branding change too for the company.

Casey Hendrick: Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. Well, let me share a little history of of United Direct solutions. So as you mentioned in June of this year, we rebranded. We were formerly United male and so our business started back in 1980 as a presort house or a commingled. Over the years, we developed into a full service letter shop. We have multiple plants, one in our headquarters in Louisville, KY, and our other plant, which is in Cincinnati, OH, creates great business continuity, disaster recovery. And we have been high trust certified sock one and two Type 2. So as far as data security, we focus a lot on the security of all of our data because Healthcare is one of our main industries, financial continuing education.

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