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Noelle Mykolenko is the CEO of Trusted Advisor Associates, a role she has held since July 2020. With over two decades of experience in client development, marketing, and sales, Noelle has consistently demonstrated her ability to drive organizational growth through the cultivation of trust-based relationships. Her leadership at Trusted Advisor Associates, a firm dedicated to enhancing client relationships for companies ranging from Fortune 500 to mid-sized and emerging firms, has been marked by the successful delivery of workshops, coaching, and custom programs that emphasize the importance of trust in business development.

Before ascending to the role of CEO, Noelle served as COO of Trusted Advisor Associates, where she honed her expertise in aligning organizational goals with client needs. Her career also includes founding Trusted Growth LLC, where she provides strategic planning and executive coaching, and Nadiya Sailing, LLC, a charter yacht business in the Virgin Islands. Additionally, she has served as an adjunct lecturer at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business, teaching Management Communications in the MBA program.

Noelle’s extensive background includes a decade at CSC, where she held various senior roles, including Director of Client Development and Marketing Director for the North American Public Sector. Her tenure at CSC was marked by significant achievements in client satisfaction, pipeline growth, and strategic client engagement. A dedicated advocate for diversity and leadership development, Noelle has also been an executive sponsor for Women in Leadership, reflecting her commitment to fostering inclusive and high-performing work environments. 

Founded in 2000, Trusted Advisor Associates empowers companies and individuals with the knowledge and skills to foster deep levels of trust, driving both business development and client relationship effectiveness. Serving a diverse clientele from Fortune 500 companies to emerging firms, Trusted Advisor Associates offers customized programs including workshops, online education, trust diagnostics, and public speaking engagements. By assessing and enhancing a company’s perceived trustworthiness, they ensure that trust begins with the first business call and endures throughout the relationship, benefiting all parties financially, operationally, and personally.

Susan: Welcome to the Women’s Roundtable podcast, powered by the Think Factory, where we learn how women think big and grow their business. My name is Susan Kleiner. I’m a partner with Outside General Counsel Solutions, and I’m the host of today’s episode. I’m happy to have with me here today my good friend and colleague Noelle Mykolenko. Noelle is the chief executive officer of Trusted Advisor Associates. She’s passionate about growth for people and in business and has experienced firsthand that trusted relationships powerfully accelerate the achievement of both personal and corporate goals. Noelle has spent most of her career as a consultant and business leader who sold, managed and delivered complex business solutions in multiple industries. She has held director level roles in business development, marketing and client development at a Fortune 200 company. So, with that, she’s had the benefit of being both a consultant and a client. Interestingly, she was first a client of Trusted Advisor Associates and experienced how being a trusted advisor improves customer satisfaction and loyalty, enables vast account expansion and increases employee engagement and business growth. Today, as CEO of Trusted Advisor Associates, her goal is to help other professionals and organizations achieve similar gains through improved, client focused and trust. Based in metropolitan Washington, D.C., Noelle has an MBA from UVA’s Darden Graduate School of Business and a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Welcome, Noelle, to today’s episode.

Noelle: Hi, Susan. Thank you very much for having me on. I’m excited to be here with your audience. So, what is Trusted Advisor Associates is a boutique training firm that works with individuals and organizations to bring the concepts of trust building to life as they were written in the seminal book The Trusted Advisor back in 2001. Our vision is a world where professionals default to trust. And our mission is really to empower professionals with the skills and mindsets they need to build deeper trust that drive superior business outcomes.

Susan: What type of professionals are you talking about there? I mean, when I think about professionals and trust, I mean, I’m thinking about my own industry, which is law. But it’s not just lawyers. What professionals are you talking about?

Noelle: That’s a great question. You know, we work with professionals in almost every industry and across the globe. Most of our clients are in client facing roles themselves. So think consultants, legal professionals, financial advisors, customer success and customer service professionals, salespeople, anybody who is working with a customer and has a need to truly advise them on their business or in some circumstances in whatever it is that they’re buying or the services that they’re getting. So is it correct for me to say that a trusted advisor is the trusted advisor to trusted advisers.

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