The Women’s Roundtable Podcast, is a vibrant space dedicated to cultivating a strong and empowering community crafted by and for women. Our podcast serves as a powerful platform, amplifying the voices of extraordinary women who share their inspiring stories, valuable insights, and unique journeys with a diverse audience. Join us on this transformative journey as we ignite motivation and empowerment, fostering connections that uplift and resonate across every woman’s path.

Click here to listen to full podcast Pipe Strong, LLC is a minority-owned company based in the Midwest, that provides construction and maintenance services across the entire value chain of the Oil & Gas industry. Pipe Strong is one of the fastest-growing privately held Oil & Gas […]
Click here to listen to full podcast Jenni Clark, the visionary Founder & CEO of StarThrower Group, is a compassionate and dedicated leader with a profound commitment to inclusive education and community empowerment. Her educational journey began at Cedar Crest College, where she earned a Bachelor […]
Click here to listen to full podcast Donna Hughes, Founder and CEO of Hughes Solutions, is a distinguished executive coach and business owner with an illustrious career that spans over 25 years. Formerly a human resources executive and accomplished attorney, Donna has left an indelible mark […]
Click here to listen to full podcast Molly Ashcroft, CADC, is a dedicated and experienced professional serving as the Executive Director of Innovo Detox, a leading provider of detox and medical stabilization services in the Mid-Atlantic region. Born and raised in Connecticut, Molly’s journey into addiction […]
Click here to listen to full podcast Stephanie Lamancusa is a dedicated professional with a wealth of experience in the field of mental health and addiction treatment. Currently serving as the Executive Director at Pinnacle Treatment Centers, Inc. based in Vineland, New Jersey, Stephanie has been […]
Click here to listen to full podcastStephanie Yu, the Director of Product at Upgrade, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the fintech industry. Previously associated with Uplift, a prominent player in the travel buy now pay later sector, Stephanie played a pivotal role in […]
Click here to listen to full podcast Jennifer Sherlock, a seasoned professional based in Philadelphia, PA, has made significant contributions to the world of sports journalism and public relations. Currently serving as a Sideline Reporter on Propper Hockey at WMCN-TV, she brings a wealth of experience […]
Click here to listen to full podcast Shirah Bernarde, a trailblazing entrepreneur and the CEO and Co-Founder of NightCap, has dedicated the past four and a half years to revolutionizing personal protection. Under her leadership, NightCap has emerged as a pioneer in the development of innovative […]
Click here to listen to full podcast Amy Zitelman, an accomplished business leader, began her entrepreneurial journey as a co-founder and later transitioned into her role as the CEO of Soom Foods. With a background in interpersonal communication, she excels at nurturing vital relationships with key […]
Click here to listen to full podcast Dr. Deborah Wentz, a distinguished leader with a PhD, is at the helm as President and Chief Executive Officer of the New Jersey Association of Mental Health and Addiction Agencies (NJAMHAA). With a mission to advocate for the well-being […]
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